Strange Sea Creatures


Welcome to this latest member of the “Creatures” family of books by Erich Hoyt — PUBLISHED Nov. 2020 in UK/ US/ Canada/ Europe/ Australia/ NZ
Hardcover, 112 pages, glossary, index, 25.4cm x 25.4cm (10 inches square). Good gift book for adults & children. Good reviews in BBC Wildlife, Hakai and The Canadian Field-Naturalist.

Erich Hoyt “continues to open up through photography new fields of experience for armchair observers….Almost every page contain[s] a large view of some usually tiny, exotic, never-seen before (by most of us, I mean) creature that is given a name—when known—and brief description. Hoyt provides the expert commentary, half-a-dozen photographers the wonderful photos. These alien deep sea creatures are presented mostly on their own, against black backdrops, in three sections: The Blackwater Vertical Migrators, Masters of the Language of Light, and The Bottom Dwellers. Our role is primarily as viewers, marvelling at their strangeness and beauty.” — The Canadian Field-Naturalist 134:398

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Product Description

Marine researchers are discovering new ocean creatures every day, especially at its deepest depths. From the author of Creatures of the Deep, Encyclopedia of Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises and other books about the ocean and the animals that live there, comes a new title about some of the most unusual marine life forms. The book organizes the creatures into three parts based on where they live in the ocean. Each part has representatives from the various marine animal classes (e.g., fish, crustaceans, jellyfish and siphonophores, squids, tunicates and other invertebrates). Informative captions accompany the 90 gorgeous photographs of otherworldly creatures.

Part 1: Surface Waters of the Ocean at Night: The Blackwater Vertical Migrators. In images taken by dedicated blackwater photographers Linda Ianniello and Susan Mears, these mostly larval creatures haunt the near-surface waters making vertical migrations every night to feed.

Part 2: Middle to Deep Dark Waters: Masters of the Language of Light. In this perpetual night, survival is a matter of being able to understand and process light signals, some in different colours, some flashing, some faint – the most sophisticated use of bioluminescence on Earth. The sea creatures here are small with big eyes and even larger mouths with extraordinarily sharp teeth; Photographer David Shale travelled with BBC Blue Planet and other expeditions to photograph these deep sea creatures, while photographers Solvin Zankl, Alexander Semenov and others brought their own dedication to expeditions in the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and Arctic oceans.

Part 3. The Continental Shelf to the Abyssal Plain: The Bottom Dwellers. The bottom of the sea has fewer fish, and is populated by such alien-like creatures as no-eyed or tripod fish, sea cucumbers, as well as basket stars, crabs, and worms with species varying by depth and location.

The introduction to each part of the book describes what makes the ocean waters at that depth unique, and why it is home to specific types of sea life. The photographs were taken in the ocean by expert divers and submariners, most of whom are both scientists and underwater photographers. The images display the creatures vividly against a background as black as the ocean depths.

Here are three sample spreads from Strange Sea Creatures.

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