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“Nature writing at its very best” — ebook edition has a new epilogue updating the fates of the whales from the original edition. eBook is mainly text, no colour photographs.

Available in .mobi and .epub formats bundled together.

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Announcing the first ebook edition of Seasons of the Whale, the classic tale of a year in the life of Comet, Stripe, and other whales. This ebook edition, published by Nature Editions, has a new chapter that updates the fates of these individual blue, humpback, and right whales known and loved by researchers and the public.

Twenty-five years ago, Erich Hoyt began researching and writing this story as scientists tried to unravel what had happened following severe pollution events in the western North Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. The resulting story, largely from the whales’ point of view, was a clarion call for all of us to take much greater care with what we put in and what we do to the ocean. Now, in 2013, this eighth newly revised and expanded edition of the book makes us realize that the problems have not disappeared, yet there are many positive signs too in the persistence of even the most endangered whales and the growing relationships between whales and people.

Latest reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars. Nature writing at its very best. 25 April 2013 Amazon review by Helen Johnston

“It’s a joy to see the updated edition of this book in e-format and re-read a book I first came to 10 years ago. Seasons of the Whale (first published to rave reviews from the most distinguished of sources) allows us to swim, dive and roll with five whales and their companions over the course of a year. We come to know them well – by name and character. In the very best traditions of nature writing, the narrative is lyrical, addictive, captivating, highly informative and, yes, awakens our senses to the wonderful yet fragile world of these cetaceans. Of course, many of these whales’ greatest battles are against us and our impact on their environment. In Seasons of the Whale such battles fought up-close. Come the end of the book and we leave behind the whales we have begun to know. We must leave their dedicated researchers to continue the journey. Yet over 20 years on, this latest edition tells us how some of the book’s protagonists and their offspring have fared, thanks to the dedication of cetacean scientists and researchers. This includes author Erich Hoyt, who aside from being a multi-award-winning author, is one of our most distinguished whale researchers. Not to be missed.”

From reviews of previous editions:

“Truly poignant and moving…reads like a novel.” — Library Journal

“In Seasons of the Whale, Erich Hoyt has succeeded where others have failed…Magnificent…[with] the light, easy-reading style of good fiction.” — Sea Frontiers (US)

“Erich Hoyt skillfully weaves his facts, figures, and human personalities into the narrative. Readable, informative, engaging.” — New Scientist

“Classic true story about a year in the lives of whales and humans. Natural history writing at its best.” — Mark Carwardine, The Good Book Guide

“An enthralling story…authoritative, interesting and exciting. Read this book and be astonished.” — Science Books & Films, Washington, DC (AAAS)

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